Bizen Pottery by Sachiko Torok

Recent Exhibitions and Collections

2012 Kyoto, Kariya and Kanazawa exhibitions, Kariya City and Kariya High School both collected a figure sculpture.

2011 Shizuoka exhibition

2010 Kyoto, Kariya and Kanazawa exhibitions, three pieces chosen as awards for Japanese Olympic Softball Team, one vase for Olympic Synchronized Swimming Team, one vase chosen as an award for a Hanshin Tigers baseball player.

2009 U.S. Exhibition - Bizen Pottery: Tradition and Beyond, San Francisco Japanese Consulate Japan Information Center


Sachiko Torok is a ceramics artist who currently lives and works in Bizen, Japan.  She creates one-of-kind hand crafted pieces with a contemporary feel.  She was trained in California, in England and in Bizen, Japan, and her pottery reflects this combination of traditional Japanese with modern international form.

Sachiko Torok has developed a strong customer base in Japan and has several one-man shows every year.  This site is intended to introduce her pieces to the U.S. market and is aimed at customers who are looking for a unique piece for their home, interior designers, art collectors, the hospitality industry, museums and art galleries.  These pieces, with their natural earthen look, appeal to those who are attracted by the Japanese aesthetic and by green/eco design.

Please go to the catalog to view pieces which are available for purchase in the United States.